Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keeping me going

This is the face that keeps me going. I found out this week that I have the opportunity to become the Whole Body team Leader at our Bridgeport store (where I currently am the Associate Team Leader). This is both exciting and extremely intimidating. I am thrilled and nerve-racked, confident and not. The interview panel will hold probably 7 people, both my superiors and my equals; intimidating nonetheless. I hope that I am applying for this position for the right reasons. I know that there is so much for me to learn, that I will be continually growing in this position, that it will be good for my family financially. It will be challenging and frustrating, and demanding. Like I said, I have two beautiful boys to come home to each night; they are what keeps me pressing on through this crazy work journey.

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  1. That is the face that keeps me going too! I've got that group of pics everywhere.